Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Facebook's Instagram strategy going forward

In the first significant change to Instagram since Facebook acquired it for whooping sum that has been talked and debated ad nauseam, Instagram users will now have a profile like Facebook. Although there are significant differences in the touch-and-feel of this website, as discussed later, it is interesting to see how the ‘Facebook model’ is slowly making its way into the Instagram philosophy.

The profiles with mosaic of large images are mainly targeted at a significant number of people that still use laptop and desktops. In contrast to earlier simple landing page that Instagram had, these profiles are supposed to capture a person’s ‘digital identity’ and present it in an appealing way. Unlike the Facebook timeline, the pictures on the upper half of Instagram’s profile change continuously based on the new pictures added.

One of the other significant pivots in the Instagram philosophy is the introduction of a monetization plan by the addition of landing pages for businesses that have a profile on the website. These landing pages can be used to direct users to an Instagram profile of the business, much like their Facebook cousins. Instagram chief Kevin Systrom adds on the same line, “We believe this is a big step in allowing brands to have an Instagram home on the web where they can share recent shots with just about anyone. We’re obviously very excited by the adoption of Instagram by the world’s major brands and we’ll continue to build products that suit both them and users alike”.

So, introduction of these profiles adds another channel for Instagram to capture demographics that has stuck to the bigger form of data consumption (PCs) despite the mobile shift. With Instagram operating from Facebook’s HQ, it will be exciting to see how much Facebook influences the design and functioning of Instagram in time to come.

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