Thursday, June 8, 2017

Vision & Ideology

One of the most interesting discoveries in this article was identifying vision and strategy to be somewhat floating around and ever so changing. A lot of times, I found myself being surprised by the differentiation between vision and strategy compared to core ideologies and core purpose. The way my mind thinks around mission statements as I'm constantly creating various ones for small business has always been around how the public may perceive or interpret the literature. Clearly after reading this article my approach has been very narrow minded and in some ways, those mission statements go on to become the company's core purpose, forcing the company to maintain a forced not internal culture.

I've recently creating a real estate company and this new knowledge has equipped me to really think about the core values in terms of what I want the company to represent and what I think the company's purpose versus coming up with something that sounds good enough to attract the right clients or investors. Core value and core purpose is very similar in that they're tied to the organization and cannot be changed like vision or strategy. It's a little scary knowing that as an entrepreneur, so early into the forming of a company one has to establish these objectives that will be tied to the company no matter how the market or strategies or even clients align. It does make sense in terms of having a work culture where employees know the purpose of the company and can support that mission whole heartedly.

It is interesting that Nike is able to get away without having publicly declared their core purpose but as the examples state, they live their core purpose every day. The main drawback with these objectives is if employees know executives or leadership does not follow or hold the core purpose seriously, it sends bad moral to everyone and something which was meant to improve efficiency, engagement and direction, has the opposite effect. Where the author speaks about vision as a guide or support, I also envisioned it being the core but I also believed I may have been thinking about core purpose but labeling it as vision. Either way, I am very excited to create the core purpose and values before the vision and strategy for my new real estate holding company.

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