Monday, June 5, 2017

The Industrial Revolution's Impact on Modern times

The article, “The four global forces breaking all the trends” really surprised me in how much change is occurring in the world today in comparison to the Industrial Revolution.  The article states that the current change is occurring ten times faster and at 300 times the scale, thus creating 3,000 times the impact.  I agree that the current change in the world is occurring much faster than during the Industrial Revolution due to technology and the digital age.  However, I disagree that the change in the world today has an impact 3,000 times that of the Industrial Revolution.

The inventions and technologies that were created during the Industrial Revolution have had an enormous impact on our society.  Without John Rockefeller’s foresight to save the gasoline created from the oil refining process and not treat it as waste, we wouldn’t have these billion dollar companies that rely on logistics and transportation.  Prior to this, the creation of the steam engine and railroads allowed goods to be transported at a level never before seen.  Along with Rockefeller, Henry Ford made the automobile affordable to a larger percentage of the population which eventually would lead to the creation of the interstate and highway systems all across the country. 

Uber wouldn’t exist today if it wasn’t for Rockefeller and Ford.  Elon Musk wouldn’t have the success of Tesla without the likes of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.  Without the Wright Brothers we wouldn’t have any of the airlines that exist today or the ability of companies like FedEx to overnight a package across the world.  The inventors from the Industrial Revolution created new opportunities for business types that exist today.  The list of inventors and businessmen from Industrial Revolution that have impacted society today is extensive. 

Like the article says, change is occurring much faster in today’s society.  To say that Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook had more of an impact on the world than Rockefeller or the Wright Brothers is a stretch.  Sure FaceBook had 6 million users the first year, but has it had the impact on the world like the inventions above?  How many of those 6 million users have ridden in a car or ordered something from Amazon and had it delivered overnight thanks to a FedEx plane? Transportation alone has had an enormous impact on our country and many others around the world.  It connected places that used to take days or weeks to travel to.  Now business leaders can hop on a plane and fly to Japan for a business meeting and be back in LA by dinner time. 

When you analyze the impact of the Industrial Revolution, it is amazing how many businesses throughout history can be traced back to one invention or businessman.  I agree that the world is changing drastically now, but that change wouldn’t have been possible without looking back into our past.  Times are different now and measuring the impact of cars to FaceBook is like measuring apples and oranges.  There is no direct comparison, only opinion on which has had more of an impact.     

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