Thursday, June 8, 2017

Global Forces Breaking Trends

The article posted in 2015 is a recent summarization of the four areas that are ultimately going to lead to our destruction. While the author analyses each point in detail he does not have a solid recommendation on what would be better?

While urbanization is sending corporations into these emerging markets increasing population, it is also providing jobs to individuals in these small cities, which probably would have never gotten the opportunity otherwise. Where rapid expansion causes its on problems, i'm not quite sold that the good out weigh the bad as far as emerging market expansion occurs. One could simply form a strategy in which local governments charge a premium to address potential labor or environmental deficiencies, which my be a result of rapid growth to these cities.

 While the reign of technology has placed companies and executives at a disadvantage, it has also aided small businesses and equipped entrepreneurs with the tools needed to create successful companies, outside the shadow of large corporations. People are able to stay connected in this generation from all across the globe like never before, which serves as an engine of various professional, economical and personal growth. For example, I met this individual in Morocco a few year ago at a night club and stayed connected on Facebook. With an invitation, I later visited his home country of Sweden, spending money while exploring the place.

It was a shocker to read our population was dwindling in such popular states, these are places that normally would have the resources to plan and execute family planning. However, I have to be devil's advocate to wonder if this is the world balancing out itself. We have places like India and countries in Africa where there's overpopulation. What are the causes people are not reproducing enough in certain areas? I imagine it has a lot to do with economical opportunities. However, in the poorer states, they are facing overpopulation. Then it leads me to ask maybe the more education and wealthy some families get, the more they aren't willing to share or compromise that level of freedom and comfort by having a large family. As the world is aging, it is definitely a problem but it's more complex than having enough people in each city or country. From a global perspective, its about distribution and the sharing of our global resources.

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