Wednesday, May 3, 2017

CSR activities of Google

Google is known for its innovations and its initiatives to start new path-breaking things in the industry. It has already collected all the possible achievements under its cap, and now one more feather has been added to that cap. Google has been named as the No.1 company in Global Corporate Social Responsibility ranking by RepTrak in 2015. The evaluation was based on mainly three criteria: workplace, citizenship, and Governance. Within each category, several factors were used to evaluate the firm. For example, “citizenship” was judged based on the company’s support for the good causes, positive societal influence and environmental responsibility. “Governance” was judged on the openness and transparency and ethical behavior, and “workplace” was judged based on employee treatment and how much a company provided equal opportunities to its employees.

Why Google got the No.1 rank in CSR activities? Unlike most of the other organizations, Google does not release an annual report on its CSR activities. Instead, Google maintains a website called Google Green that serves as the main source of information for the full range of its CSR programs and initiatives. Google motto towards society is that it will try to give access to the Internet to people from all the parts of the world. The company has been regularly trying to cut down its carbon footprint since 2007. It has been actively shifting a maximum of its operations to cloud thus reducing the carbon print. Google has been one of the first tech company to release its workplace diversity statistics. In terms of employee relations, Google is confirmed to be an appealing place to work by its 51% employees across 15 markets. Energy consumption has been a major issue faced by many of the big corporations. Google has implemented latest technologies in its data centers which have helped achieve the feat of its data centers consuming 50% less energy compared to a typical data center.

Google purchases or produces 24% of renewable energy and the company has 11% renewable electricity already on the grid, thus the total use of renewable energy accounts to 35%. The use of remaining 65% energy which is non-renewable is neutralized by carbon offset projects. In the Mountain View campus, 1.9 MW solar panels are installed which generate more than 3 million kWh clean energy. Google has made an agreement to invest more than $1.5 billion in renewable energy projects such as large-scale wind and rooftop solar panels. All the latest office buildings built y Google are made under the standards of LEED and already 4 million square feet of Google buildings fall under this category.

Another notable, CSR activity of Google is its grants widely known as Google Grants. It is a famous donation program awarding free AdWords advertising to selected charitable organizations. Since its introduction, Google has supported hundreds of organizations in advocating and promoting their causes, from animal rights and literacy to homeless children.


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