Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What politics should do to cope with fast-moving technological change and big data analytics

What politics should do to cope with fast-moving technological change and big data analytics

The two articles I would like to discuss in this blog are “ten IT enabled business trends for the decade ahead” and “The four global forces breaking all the trends”. The last point that is discussed in the first article is about IT transforming government, health care and education. In my opinion, this is a very important point, as especially governmental agencies continue to incentivize technological improvements and implementations, whilst starting to lack behind themselves.

In a recent lunch lecture by Christine Fox, it was discussed that politicians in the US are almost all from either a business or a law background. Discussions in congress on the Internet of things and its applicability, or the fields of big data and advanced analytics (both discussed in the first article), are more often than not above and beyond the knowledge of most congress members. However, due to the accelerated technological change and the increasing global connections for data (as discussed in the second article), policy decisions on how to incentivize and harness the positive sides of these trends, whilst controlling or deterring their negative effects, should be made quickly and securely.

Christine Fox suggested that more bright people with an engineering background should be affiliated with politics, or even post as consulting entities to the politicians. I would like to take that suggestion a step further, and state that not only these engineers and scientists are needed in a larger number for advising and aiding policy makers, but that there should be a third type of people for these teams or meetings. From personal experience, I know that not all persons with an engineering background can efficiently communicate with someone with a law or business background. My background has provided me with courses in both fields, providing me with the ability to not only see issues and situations from both sides, but also to be able to communicate with both sides. I therefore suggest that there should be more people with a multidisciplinary background in politics, so not only congress can better understand and react to the current fastmoving technological innovations, but also have more efficiency in communicating this understanding. 

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