Sunday, June 19, 2016

Trust the Process

Trust the Process

After reading the article “Bringing Science to the Art of Strategy,” I felt encouraged to apply the author’s steps in my professional life.  The article does a great job of showing the many of the pitfalls of common strategic planning processes.  I often find myself reacting to strategic planning similarly to what the authors suggested – frustration and with “the sense that strategic planning does not produce novel strategies.  Instead, it perpetuates the status quo.”

The steps laid out in the article are clear and decisive ways of re-framing the traditional planning process to produce truly inventive and successful strategies.  The idea of creating “possibilities” sets the tone for the collegial, team focused, and democratic approach that is required to make the planning successful.  The planning focuses on rules of engagement that lead to idea generation.  This requires holding peers accountable and not squashing ideas.  If the ideas are not received well, the person who voices the most discontent is encourage to communicate their ideas and look for solutions on what is needed to make it work. 

The seven steps laid out in the article are a sound and positive approach to strategic planning where everyone has a voice and takes ownership of the final product.  It is common for dissent to ensue during traditional strategic planning which undermines the success.  The “possibilities approach” ensures that everyone is on board with the strategies from the top down which is critical to putting the strategies into motion.

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