Sunday, June 19, 2016

Enabling the Warfighter

In “Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?” Collis and Rukstad identify three critical components of a good strategy statement— objective, scope, and advantage. Some might confuse strategy with mission statements. A mission statement states what contributions an organization or business makes to society, but does not provide the specifics on how to succeed in doing so. A strategy statement provides a definition of the ends that the strategy is designed to achieve.

I wanted to examine and analyze a strategy from my current duty assignment, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command's (SPAWAR). SPAWAR’s plan adheres to the many suggestions Collis and Rusktad makes for creating an effective and successful strategic plan. The strategic plan for 2016 defines the specific objectives and structure needed to achieve its vision- to align to the Navy’s mission and support and empower naval warfighters in the cyber command (SPAWAR, 2016)
. SPAWAR makes specific objectives and measurements of performance to ensure they can carry out and support the Chief of Naval Operation’s sailing directions for the fleet to follow.

In making a strategy statement, one must identify the overall result that they desire a strategy to achieve. The objective should include a timeframe for reaching the end result. SPAWAR provides specific milestones and measures of performance and effectiveness to measure specific performance and effectiveness of its strategic objectives and specifies the timeframe for reaching its objectives (within this year). This gives employees a specific timeline. The tasks have end-states to meet the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) guidance. Although there may be multiple objectives, SPAWAR’s ultimate end result is to support the naval warfighters and its objectives are aligned to meet that goal. Managers may review the scope when questioning whether an operation meets the strategy’s plan or not. Having a specific scope reduces any confusion as to what its employees should and should not focus on. SPAWAR identifies its scope of operations occurring in the cyber battlespace, which comprises of networked systems and the electromagnetic spectrum.

A successful strategy is one that results in aligning an organization or firm to meet it’s customer’s demands and expectations. Customers are more likely to favor one company over another due to its value proposition. SPAWAR provides its customers, the warfighters with state-of-the-art advanced technological equipment at a reasonable cost to the Navy (SPAWAR, 2016).

SPAWAR’s strategic plan is concise and provides information to those who are reading it to quickly understand the key take-aways, such as the objectives and measurements of performance.  This is also very important in having a strategic plan, because if people don’t understand it or it isn’t accessible to everyone, then the most well-thought out plan doesn’t stand a chance for people to help carry out.

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