Monday, June 6, 2016

Employee Surveys - Leveraging the Feedback

Employee surveys are becoming more common these days and are a key strategy at many companies.  With concerns about employee retention, productivity, and internal employee satisfaction on the rise, employee satisfaction surveys are used to monitor and shape internal programs monitor to these areas. 

My company has invested in this area heavily and the process is driven by the corporate strategy and human resources departments.  To demonstrate this commitment, there is an entire employee net promoter score process designed to survey employees twice per year.  The survey is very short with intent to drive maximum participation without having to mandate participation.  To date, the return rates have been very high and the results have been very useful to shape the employee engagement program initiatives designed in response to the employee feedback.

The real value with this process I have observed is in not only the survey results but the employee comments.  Business units assign eNPS coordinators to work on committees focused on the results and initiating new projects based upon eNPS metrics and and a prioritized list of comments assembled by common themes.  Once the committee determines what themes will be pursued, it is up to the working groups to devise strategies and plans that will be executed to resolve issues found in the survey data.

Leveraging the data is the biggest challenge here and then coming up with real plans designed to not only resolve employee concerns but ultimately achieve outcomes aligned to what employees really care about.  I predict that this will become a real focus of many companies that wish to remain competitive and not only retain current talent but also use the employee satisfaction process to attract new talent. 

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