Friday, June 3, 2016

Competitive Advantage

In the readings from this week I was interested to see the concept of companies focusing most of their efforts where they have expertise and the competitive advantage.  There are many companies that attempt to go too far beyond what they do and it can end up being bad for business.  I think Sony is a good example of a company that did that.  They were the name for consumer electronics for a very long time, but once that started drifting their forces towards their film and television arm they started to lose focus when it came to their big consumer products.

With the surge of competitors like Apple and Samsung making products with better technology, things that Sony once banked on like cameras and video recorders were becoming more obsolete because people had their mobile devices for that now.  Sony became less innovative and they were slower to respond to market trends than other companies in their field were. Sony should focus on changing their business model to really hone in on the things that they're really good and really put all their energy and resources into being innovative in that sector.

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