Monday, June 13, 2016

Blue Ocean Strategy + Apple

I've learned about the Blue Ocean Strategy in some of my other classes and what always comes to mind when I think about it is Apple.  Apple has obviously been an innovator in a lot of ways, but what gave most people their first real first taste of Apple and their ability to be trend setters with products that no one had really thought of before was Itunes and the Ipod.  I remember in high school and college most people only had digital music through illegal and free music download services like Napster and Limewire.  Apple saw this trend of digital music as an opportunity.  Ipods then where the vehicle for Itunes.  Giving them two massively popular products that went hand in hand.  Another thing that Itunes did was make it possible for consumers to just buy one or two songs instead of entire album.  Itunes cost money, but as the government was cracking down on illegal downloading this seemed like an easier and risk-free option.

Apple's Blue Ocean was the digital music trend.  Apple didn't worry about the competition, to them there was no competition.  They then went on to do the same with the iphone and the ipad.  Now, they do have more competitors in this category, but Apple was the first to do it and for a lot of people they are still the best.  Most people I know have an Ipad and/or and Iphone.  It's more rare for me to see another device.  Apple still has the edge.   A lot of people are just Apple people and refuse to use anything else.  They've also created a product line that makes all their products very easy to use together.  Apple definitely built the ocean and even though there are others in their waters, they are still the leader and the innovators by a very wide margin.  Knowing Apple, they'll create another Blue Ocean soon enough.

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