Monday, May 30, 2016

What happens next

In all that we are reading, one of the trends I am seeing in the articles and lecture is that there is no right way to develop a strategy of success for every single organization. In reading “what happens next”, this idea was validated. With growing market economies and expanding globalization of business and technology, companies need to consider how they are going to evolve in their strategies to remain current. Being aware of how the consumer will change is also important. The five crucibles are a good platform for beginning to plan and be aware of the changing needs within an industry. For example, MySpace was one of the leading social media sites in the late 90s and early 2000’s, it soon has become obsolete to recreational users and is now a music forum and taken over market by Facebook. In Recently, Facebook has become popular among ages 30 and up. The younger generation, including my 14 year old niece does not have Facebook. It’s not as “cool” to her. She uses Instagram, which is another social media site for sharing photos. Facebook developed Instagram. They seem to keep up and lead the way with the evolving media trends. It is consistently changing.

The world is becoming smaller and smaller and spinning faster and faster. This provides for growing competition. People and organizations must be innovative and adaptive in order to maintain successful within their industry. A quote from the article stood out to me, “The best companies will learn how to maximize returns from people who think for a living”.  Sourcing the best talent will become a new mission of many organizations in order to carry out their visions. How will organizations do this? Where will they find them? The market for talent will continue to become more competitive and companies will have to evolve in their strategies and methods to hold onto and obtain their brightest employees.

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