Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Blue Ocean Strategy of a Local Cloud Storage Company

I'm lucky to be working with one of the region's and nation's greatest entrepreneurs: Glen Meakem. As founder of the B2B software company that provided software solutions to the Global Supply Management market, Meakem's idea was unique and innovative. He was the competition to beat; in the late 90's he jumped on the possibilities and interconnectedness of the Internet. Today, however, his new company, Forever,  has bravely entered a very crowded space of cloud storage.

After reading Blue Ocean Strategy, I believe that his strategy is entirely "Blue Ocean." He's not aiming to out-perform the competition and be another Google, Amazon, or other high-tech companies in the cloud storage space. He is aiming to reconstruct industry boundaries, by giving people an easy way to manage all of their memories from digitization, organization and celebration. Why can't a cloud photo storage and sharing company give members privacy, promise no data-mining, and think about permanence so that their children and grandchildren have access? Most unique are his efforts to make these digital memories "permanent" for generations. No one else is seeking to make digital memories permanent. The opposite is happening. Every other cloud photo storage company renounces it.

By combining an insurance-type model that sets money aside to "endow" digital migration, safety and security, Forever in a way is half insurance company, 1/4 software company, and perhaps 1/4 hands-on customer service company. Using different "tools and frameworks", like recruiting Forever "ambassadors" to teach others about the product and make money in the process, they are differentiating themselves in this crowded field.   Value, profit and people are all key to their winning strategy. They're providing a service that not everyone knows they need yet, but have tapped "early adopters" who will carry them to the next phase of growth. And they're growing steadily with small, but strategic acquisitions and . Knowing Meakem, their growth will continue.

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