Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Blue Ocean Strategy and Sexual Education

After reading the Blue Ocean Strategy, I realized that the research grants I am working on for the past couple years are implying this strategy. The professor I work for created a  sexual reproductive video that was turn into an interactive app. The  interactive app allows the watcher to determine the decisions of the character similar to games that allow you to choice your journey. With this current grant, we are working on pairing this interactive app with a curriculum to be utilize in a group setting but still maintain the personal interactivity of the app .  Typically Sexual education is taught in group setting and reply heavily on the  facilitator dictating information to the student.  Some curriculum do have activities such as a condom line up game. The condom line game goes though the steps of how to properly place a condom on the penis. However most standard sexual education curriculum are limited in the ability of role-playing situations dealing with sex and how youth are to  properly address them.There are 100 if not 1000s of  curriculum that are all very similar replying mostly  on dictating  information and typically in a group setting. This app, however, draws heavily on role playing or rehearsing  which typically in a class room setting you are not able to accommodate. Within the app, viewers watch the character in sexual situation similar to those encounter in the real world and then have the ability  to decide what the character will do next typically based upon how they would response in a similar situation .The feasible of replicating  real life situation  young female encounters regarding sex in the classroom setting is very unlikely due to time constraints , level of comfort between facilitator and  students and various other reasons.  This app is treading  blue ocean water by allow girls the ability to educate  themselves and role-play mentally  real life situation all at the touch of their finger.  The app is still drawing from the standard sex education  curriculum but presenting it in an entirely different format that is more relate able  to the target audience. 

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