Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Company's vision is not just stated rather it is lived!

While reading the article “Building Your Company’s Vision”, I immediately started to compare the content expressed in the article with the company I worked for previously. Telenor had been my home for five years and I always truly admired working there because of the work culture. As James and Jerry described, there are two parts to building the company belief and work ethic i.e. core ideology and vision BHAG.

The core ideology as mentioned has two sides to it, first the core values that drive the daily activities of the company regardless of the strategic plans. And second the core purpose that defines what the company truly delivers through is core values. At Telenor, core values were emphasized upon a lot and it was a constant reminder of who we are and what we need to do to accomplish our tasks. At Telenor, we shared four core values i.e. be respectful, keep promises, make it easy and be inspiring. My work was always inspired of from the four values at Telenor . As the article mentions that the company should hire people who respect the company’s core values. This goes to confirm that why I stayed with Telenor for so long because it aligned with my personal gratification and sense of ethics. Company’s core values should not change with market conditions and from my personal experience whenever a challenge occurred, my company innovated and pivoted based on these four values. In 2014, Telenor envisioned to become customer centric and I was part of that project. While building the vision for that project, our team asked the five whys questions and each time we linked it to the core values of Telenor in all the activities we conducted. For example, when we designed feedback loop process at the call center, we crafted new instructions that were simple to understand. The project was very successful and employees were encouraged by the fact that their work made an impact on lives of people outside the company.

Telenor’s core purpose is to serve people stay connected, improve lives and impact societies for their betterment. Employees felt this purpose in their work and each employee was inspired to deliver to improve customer lives. This purpose was also ingrained in us through corporate social responsibility and other activities. Managers regularly practiced their own vision of the core values but that always aligned with overall company’s ideology e.g. one manager inspired his employees that each quarter the top performing sales person will receive extra bonus and certificate of recognition.

Telenor has been very open in sharing its BHAG vision with employees. As suggested in article and I noticed, that Telenor Pakistan used three out of four BHAG categories i.e. quantitative and qualitative BHAG e.g. e-commerce and digital education by year 2025, internal transformation BHAG i.e. customer centricity through internal work culture change and lastly role-model BHAG e.g. first one to launch mobile digital money in Pakistan by the name of EasyPaisa.

Through the article, I relived the values and vision of my previous company. This emphasizes the importance of how to build company’s ideology and what contributes to the success of it. This ties back to each point mentioned in the article i.e. to separate values from purpose, values are generated from internal ideology only to inspire in your work and lastly build the BHAG vision which is concrete yet achievable not necessarily immediately but the company builds it competencies towards that.

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