Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Building your company's vision

Building your company’s vision:

‘High Performance. Delivered’. This is the motto of Accenture, a software giant having a global presence. I worked with Accenture for two years, and it was fairly visible to me that, the foundational principles that the company was built upon was this very motto. This was the core ideology that has helped Accenture become a sprawling software company having a global reach. As a new joiner to the company, I distinctly remember that, the first thing we were taught, were the core values of the company, and that we must always be committed to them. The company (Accenture) is built upon six core values, namely – Client Value Creation, Stewardship, Best People, One Global Network, Integrity and Respect for the Individual. These have intrinsic value and are important to those inside the organization. Having talked about the core values, it is also important to mention the company’s success based on its Envisioned Future. The CEO of Accenture, Pierre Nanterme, had clearly laid down the BHAG – the company’s 10 to 30 year vision and its detailed description. And, has remained committed to it to see the company grow from ten member team to an astonishing three hundred plus employee base. It is interesting to know the wide variety of services provided by the company – from strategy, consulting, to digital technology and operations. Delivery high quality of services has happened only because all these services have common core ideology and principles. The ability to see the bigger picture and understand the motivations behind a selected approach is very essential for a growth of a firm. And, as right pointed in the article ‘Building your company’s vision’ it is important to look within to discover the true core ideology, and just like passion – you cannot fake it. It has to be authentic. It is also sometimes important to take cues from the other successful firms, understand their strategy and then develop your own authentic strategy to conquer the market. For example, Accenture’s envisioned future, in the software arm of the company was to build the right product, which is very different from building the product right. It has been able to achieve its goals constantly by seamless translation of vision from the words and pictures (with vivid description). There’s a subtle line of distinction between core ideology and envisioned future, but the management has to be very smart not confusion these two. Articulation these two in distinct terms will help a company achieve and scale greater heights. The companies often tend to enter the ‘We’ve Arrived Syndrome’, where the company has achieved a BHAG but fails to replace it with another one. Accenture incessantly strives to formulate short-term goals, bearing in mind the core principles, and it has worked like a magic for them, so far.

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