Wednesday, March 30, 2016

10 IT trends changing businesses

Taking example from my previous work, it paid a lot of attention to social and digital media expansion. My company grew to be competitive with other telecom companies as it became first to fully invest in social media, improve engagement with customers and add new technologies to support the operations for this new business direction. They used social media to increase their footprint as a customer caring and also future foward company as part of their strategy. Other companies followed suit and caught up with  digital trend years after the Telenor had implemented it.

Similarly, Telenor ventured into developing big data skills by training its employees and becoming first to pilot run big data analytics to be incorporated as a strong strategy to implement on thego campaigns or live campaigns for customers. Recently in past one year Telenor has aggressively entered into internet of things applications, acquiring new companies and improving business functions to accommodate new technology.

These trend following activities translate into how companies shape their strategy and gain competitive advantage over other companies in industry landscape.

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