Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Personal Experience with Shared Values

In my professional career, I have been privileged to use shared values through my employer in a multiple of ways. I began work at Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield in September 2007 in downtown Pittsburgh, and utilized the employee gym frequently for the first few years I was there. This perk Highmark held in high regards for several reasons benefitting the company and individuals alike. From a business perspective, having physically fit employees helped their bottom line because healthier workers would be more productive at their jobs, take less sick time off, and filed less insurance claims. Employees were able to have the equivalent of a gym membership for free, which saved them money.  

Another shared value I have used is tuition reimbursement benefits. I have attended classes in the evening, working towards my degree, which benefits my future career prospects and earning capabilities going forward. My employers have been gracious enough to reimburse me for my cost out of pocket in hopes of keeping me employed with them and putting my knowledge and skills to use, making them better.
We see more and more companies using these shared values as benefits to employees and ways to help their surrounding communities thrive. It is a good thing because this synergistic relationship makes all involved better.

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