Friday, December 11, 2015

Loyalty and Branding

In reading the Ben and Jerry's article I could not help but to think more about the relationship between loyal and branding. This ice cream company with very little effort has surpassed its competitors in revenue just based on the loyalty of existing customers.
This within itself can be a risky gamble given that it depends solely on the reliance of loyal and trust of your customers.
This relationship an be hard to define, much less strategist in a competitive effort.
In evaluating my own relationship with Ben and Jerry's I find it very interesting that I myself have been loyal to their brand without knowing it. This clearly has been a great measuring tool for success along with "creative names for their products. Along with this the social causes that this ice cream company has been involved with has been a point of engagement with its customers. For myself this is something that I have connected with and has caused me to buy more Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

From reading this article I found it interesting that Ben and Jerry would be in such financial conflict. Before reading this article I found automatically assumes that finances was not a element of concern since the popularity of the brand was well know.  In this same light, I could not help but think that having their milk come exclusively from Vermont cows was a strategy that was did not serve the company well. Though this may appease the customers in New England this face was not very well know, and thus may have contributed to the lack of finances in the company .

Fun flavors have also contributed to the customers loyalty to the company. With 44 flavors Ben and Jerry's have become a culture within itself.

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