Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Foundational Components: Strong Core Ideology & an Effective Company Vision

Oxfam America and Building Your Company’s Vision emphasize certain important lessons that contribute to the overall progress of an enterprise; the significance and effectiveness of these learnings are discussed below.

Building Your Company’s Vision explains, how Core Ideology is an inherent aspect of an organization, which helps determine its future direction and progress [1]. The emphasis and the crucial role of Core Ideology resonated with me; it is constructed of two elements, Core Values and Core Purpose. To evaluate and understand the importance of Core Ideology, we take the illustration of Disney. It’s core value is to focus on creativity and wholesomeness, while not such much on driving revenues. It’s core value has effectively defined its timelessness, character and has glued together it’s enterprise architecture. Amazon’s continuous achievements are defined by it’s core value of Inventing & Simplifying, which has efficaciously been incorporated in it’s supply chain model by providing ease of purchase, speedy transactional process, wide selection of products and most essentially, reliability of order fulfillment [3]. For Oxfam America, its Core Values and Core Purpose helped in effective goal setting and optimal resource utilization, when it came to spearheading campaigns that conquered global social and economic issues. It is these very Core Values that have defined organizational reputation and have established them as formidable competitors in their industry.

Another lesson that stuck with me, was of having an Effective Company Vision, which constituted a strong Core Ideology and an Envisioned Future. As an element of Envisioned Future, BHAGs (Bold, Hairy, Audacious Goals) and Vivid Descriptions have helped companies like Sony, establish its industry position as ‘one that betters the poor quality image of Japanese products’, within a short span of time. BHAGs – Bold, Hairy, Audacious Goals support companies conquer the expansive mission they have drafted for themselves. Such ambitious targets rev up the entire enterprise and Vivid Description makes these goals tangible, creative and engaging [1]. Such high goals help firms make progress in leaps and bounds over a period of time, providing a value driven environment to its employees. Considering the case of Oxfam America, it held an expansive vision that focused on conquering hunger, deprivation and oppression to build a society that empowers individuals with the liberty to act and live in an unprejudiced manner. A successful example and an analogous organization with comparable BHAGs is the United Nations. This UN is a concrete example of successful implementation of an Effective Organizational Vision. The UN set out to target ‘Millennium Development Goals and Beyond 2015’[3], that aimed to achieve extraordinary goals such as AIDS-free generation in Africa, Gender Equality, Discussing a Sustainable Future of Agriculture etc.

Hence, we can conclude that a strong Core Ideology and an Effective enterprise Vision act as foundational components in the progress of an organization’s architecture and its continued long term success. More importantly, they help transform an organization’s mission into measurable goals.


1.     Building Your Company’s Vision Article, Harvard Business Review
2.     Oxfam Americas Article, Harvard Business Review

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