Saturday, April 25, 2015

YouTube and Nintendo

I found the readings this week to be some of my favorite so far in the class. As I read through Blue Ocean Strategy, I could not think of two companies, YouTube and Nintendo. To me, these two companies are ones that stepped outside of their competition and created something that was similar yet very different.
Let’s look at YouTube first. Many don’t remember that before youtube there was Metacafe and Dailymotion. Metacafe started out selecting and editing the videos they wanted to publish on their site. Then came Dailymotion. Dailymotion was user generated content and users could create their own user page. This became the first video sharing website. Metacafe has started to adopt this model however there is not YouTube and even Vimeo. So, why is YouTube dominating this industry? It was created by former PayPal employees and bought by Google. YouTube goes past video sharing. You can view, upload, and share videos of user generated videos, corporate videos, TV and Movie Clips, music videos, educational video’s, and so on. You can find anything on YouTube. They took online video sharing to the next level. It was the same concept of Metacafe and Dailymotion but opened it up to more than just user generated content, made it easier to do, and allowed the site to use various systems such as adobe flash player and windows. According to, YouTube was ranked the top online video contact sharing site in 2014 with about 155.7 million viewers, followed by Facebook and AOL. YouTube is also ad generated and has made many individuals very famous for the videos they post.
When looking at Nintendo, they did as YouTube did as well. Created another video gaming system however, they took it to another level when they introduced Nintendo Wii. Video games are always extremely popular, mainly with males, my guess would be ages 14-30 but there are most likely a lot of guys of all ages that are very addicted to gaming. This changed with the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo created a gaming system that was attractive to everyone at every age. It provided interactive and physical gaming that young kids and even the elderly can play. I remember playing Wii bowling with my 7 years old niece and my 83 year old grandmother. It still attracted the normal gamer but also reached every single market at the same time.

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