Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Red or Blue

After reading the Blue Ocean Strategy Article I started thinking of others examples of this and how possible it is obtain. The strategy is not about competition, it is more about making the competition irrelevant. following the blue ocean strategy is not convention and following the status quo. It is breaking tradition. I often think about the different industries and how competitive it can be. I was actually just talking about competition in the wine industry with a friend.

Southwest immediately came to mind when thinking about the blue ocean strategy. They were up against other airlines, but they are different than the others and offer a unique experience.

Apple and Nintendo have also seemed to create a blue ocean strategy. They both have created a new market space. Nintendo Wii is an interactive gaming system that does not have to compete with Xbox or Playstation, because it offers something different. Apple has achieved their success by creating its own market.

It takes a leap of faith to be outside the industry norm. I have worked for non-profit organizations and it makes me think about how flooded the market is in Pittsburgh. Each non-profit might have a different mission, but the purpose is always the same, to raise money for a cause. To stand out from the rest, a non-profit organization would really need to find a unique approach to their mission and vision. The process would also differ from a for profit because the objective is not just about maximizing profits.

This was an interesting article that made me think of my current job and where and what type of company I will look to join in the future.

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