Wednesday, April 1, 2015

IT- enabled business and social service trends

IT- enabled business and social service trends                           Erin O'Neill  4.1.15 S.D.                          

The Internet of all things and the cloud.
We are changing the entire approach to knowledge sharing and information retrieval for even the most challenged.  The private sector initiatives and web-based platforms may revolutionize and leap everyone forward. Free, personalized and ready for action.

Extra billions of dollars saved by onboarding more Web-based platforms?
Government, healthcare and education accounts for 1/3 of GDP.  We can bring 21st century lag to future innovative cost savings.  Human cost, dollars saved, hours saved, and the private sector is poised and ready to rack in millions to help the world save trillions of dollars while bringing up the less fortunate who can only afford a cell phone.  

Imagine bringing everyone who has access to a cell phone health care, a world-class education and immediate access to transparent government processes.  This is, in theory possible.  So, lets do it! 

India has already launched while saving billions its cleaning safely distributing money to poor citizens.  (G2P) Government to person)

Link: Can a Digital Cash Transfers Enable Financial Inclusion in India?

‘Direct positive impact is still unclear’ as it has just begun, there is great potential for these payments to continue safely and securely with growing reach all they need is an email account and access.  Pakistan is also moving on this with easy digital payments to some of the country’s poorest women.
With a ‘Cloud first policy introduced in the U.S. in 2011 to shift $80 billion, with a B. Moving annual federal spending to the cloud from in-house data centers will give savings’ of up to 30%!
Noted Jacques Bughin, Michael Chui, and James Manyika

We are on the edge of health and college coursework being ‘all access’ with great uplift and limitless potential from millions for millions around the globe.
 Many of  the best colleges offer ‘open’ online courses with everything from accounting and pricing models to astrophysics.

Link: University of Michigan

Open opportunity for anyone with access to have a world-class education. Who knows what amazing life saving ideas will come of this!

Health-care quality and costs with improved access has already helped me personally. Across system multi-location access allowed an eye doctor to access my personal healthcare history.  This access included allergies, possible and current treatment regimens available. A paramedic to a surgeon with the click of a mouse can save a life.  Looking at the history of that eye and it’s previous issues, she diagnosed me and sent me to a specialist, all with in an hour.   Just a year earlier I had that same eye examined away from my regular optometrist and it took 3 days to transfer the file.    

My takeaway - with smart, safe access and creative thoughtful application social wellbeing can ramp up on a global scale with central web-platforms.  With the incredible increase in web based hardware and software combined with big data analytics there is great potential for social good and billions of peoples lives to be improved.

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