Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Does Accenture possess a coherent strategy?

What is our mission?

While I was not able to find anything stated as a mission statement per se I was able to find this description of the firm’s purpose on the corporate website.

“Accenture helps organizations assess how to maximize their performance and works with them to achieve their vision. We develop and implement technology to improve our clients’ productivity and efficiency – and may run parts of their business. Ultimately, we enable our clients to become high-performance businesses and governments.” 

This statement, taken from our corporate website, summarizes the firm’s mission which can be further distilled to “We help businesses achieve high performance.”  While there are many different ways in which Accenture accomplishes this feat (technology consulting, outsourcing, etc.), at the end of the day this is what the firm strives to achieve all the time, every time.

How are we differentiated?

On the corporate website, Accenture also lists several key differentiators:

“Enduring collaborative client relationships at the C-suite level with many of the world’s leading companies”

This speaks to the firm’s ability to build consensus and lead large scale transformational programs for large enterprises.  Having a presence in the C-suite of much of the world’s top companies positions Accenture to understand and influence the day’s trends and opinions.

“Global breadth and depth across more than 40 industries and hundreds of offerings addressing key business and technology issues”

This ties back to Accenture’s core value of one global network.  Accenture is huge, and the firms leverages its vast talent pool to bring expertise at scale to every engagement.

“World’s largest independent technology services provider, with proven track record for complex, end-to-end transformational projects”

This stems from the firm’s vast talent pool, proven methodologies and strong partnerships with technology vendors and manufacturers.

“Global Delivery Network that provides clients with high-quality solutions, lower costs and quicker results”

This also speaks to the firm’s ability to deliver the right resources with the right skills at the right price from all over the world.

“The best people in our industry, functionally specialized in particular industries and/or technological skills”

Again, this speaks to the firm’s one global network, its deep industry and technical expertise and immense size

Powerful culture of innovation, collaboration and teaming

Not only does Accenture enable other organizations with technology, process and methodology but it also enables itself with the same capabilities.  The idea of the one global network is real and Accenture employees are encouraged to collaborate and leverage each other in everything we do. 

What capabilities can be derived from these differentiators?

From the differentiators I can identify 3 main capabilities:

1.       A vast, highly skilled, global talent pool

2.       Proven methodologies and processes for delivering complex technology projects at scale; and

3.       Relationships with the c-suite executives of the world’s most successful firms.

Are these capabilities coherent?

From my reading of the Article “The Coherence Premium” I believe that the Accenture strategy is coherent and that is why the firm has consistently outperformed its competitors for the last several years.  Each capability strengthens the other, thereby strengthening the firm’s strategic advantage relative to its competitors.  For example, the One global network of highly skilled talent is the force behind our proven methodologies.  The firm is constantly harvesting best practices from this vast pool of expert practitioners, enlisting their help in defining and refining the various methodologies and processes we employ in our engagements.  The firm marries this talent pool and optimized methods with advanced technology (using the practitioners to implement and operate it) to achieve efficiency at scale our competitors have trouble matching.  Then, it takes all of that expertise and talent and sells it to other organizations through the many c-suite relationships that the firm maintains.

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