Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A win, win, win: Social, Sustainable and profitable!

A win, win, win: Social, Sustainable and profitable!
ITC brings the idea of a social farm forestry program to India and shares its benefits.   The innovative and unique farm forestry program was introduced to secure fiber, create profits and show commitment to a sustainable India. 

ITC specialized in wood pulp, paper and board. Without any company having the ability, in India, to buy plantations the segmented process would bring many partners into the process; or develop a new approach.  What visionaries these ITC people were.  To develop wastelands into machines to increase living conditions of some of India’s poorest tribal communities, bring wastelands to be useful, connect the Bhadrachalam Paperboards Ltd. extension of ITC to new profits.

To bring potential revenue into a for profit model with NGO’s and the local Andhra Pradesh government was amazing.  The key was the planted product:  Saplings that were quick growing, disease -resistant and evergreen that could grow in a wasteland.  Combine that with a commitment to retrain the locals to plant, care for and appreciate this long game brought many into the WOW of the plan including the United Conference on Sustainable Development, India (of course) and the rest of the world!   Bravo!

Traditional thinking brings its benefits and non traditional thinking brings some too!  Intercropping with an indigenous community.  They know the land they get to stay there and make a better living. Its environmentally friendly and brings in more opportunity for partners to the non plantation owning ITC.
Once a crop turned up to three to four times in the same timeline, bringing huge wins for the environment at large, the regional economies and a design for the world to follow. A huge gift.

A carbon positive: 9 consecutive years.
Water positive: 12 consecutive years
Solid waste recycling Positive: last 7 years. 

ITC’s watershed development initiative brings water to over 150000 hectares where water is needed and not often present.  
If that was not enough…
The social renewable energy benefit:  they use make 38% of the energy they make!
We all win from the outcome of business restraints, economic intensives, and a goal to better the planet.  

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