Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The War of Two Giants

I found the Coke and Pepsi cola wars article to be very interesting. I have always viewed Coke and Pepsi as rivals, but it was fascinating reading about the over 100 year war. Their rivalry never missed a beat.

I think it was impressive that Pepsi entered sort of late in the game and has been able to compete with Coca Cola the way that it has. Reading the trends and fads that Coke and Pepsi dealt with over the years is a lot most other industries. What you're doing only works for so long until the new trend comes into play. For these giants it was watching the decline of carbonated soda consumption. First for the calorie conscience, the diet sodas were introduced. Coke also introduced Coke Zero. The premise for this was that it tasted like regular coke, but had zero calories. For Coke especially, the diet and calorie free drinks were and still are a popular soda. Now, with even more health concerns people are looking for something other than soda. To go along with the trends, Pepsi and Coke introduced their water product. They has to scramble to find alternatives to carbonated beverages to keep up with the trends. Along with new products, they realized the potential for growth abroad. This means a new market and new innovation possibilities. This also meant finding new marketing strategies and ways to become relatable to other cultures.

Even with declining sales and more and more non-carbonated drinkers: I think that Pepsi or Coca-Cola will find a way to keep up with the shift. I think that there is plenty rivalry left for these two. I think this article is great to help you think about whatever industry you might be working in. Rivalry, product shift changes, and new marketing strategies happen in all industries. This is a great example of the struggles and roller coaster that it can be. It proves that you have to stay on top of the trends and what your competition is doing and that you have to evolve quickly. This is a great article that can be applied to any business.

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