Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Renaissance Learning Expansion Strategy around Big Data

The term ‘Big Data’ has been around forever but only recently the corporations have started realizing its true potential. Companies like Google and LinkedIn have first demonstrated use of ‘Big Data’ in rapidly expanding its suite of products and make them personalizable for its users. Ever since, corporations with access to large data have started devising strategies centered on ‘Big Data’ to scale its products. Renaissance Learning is one such company which has realized the importance of incorporating Big Data analytics into its products to make them more relevant to its customers.

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Renaissance Learning Pyramid
Founded in 1985, Renaissance Learning is a Wisconsin Rapids based education technology company, whose customer base constitute 30 percent of schools in United States of America (USA). The company offers a wide variety of desktop and web-based learning and assessment tools for students in K12 grades. Currently Renaissance’s are used by about 18 million students in 45 school systems in 57 countries. On an average around 2.5 million tests per day are being undertaken through its flagship product ‘Accelerated Reader’ alongside supporting an average of 1 million unique users (students) daily through its learning and assessment products.

Accelerated Reader Statistics

Accelerated Products statistics

In 2013, Renaissance Learning has started taking steps towards transitioning itself into a data driven company to aid students learning. Having access to one of the world’s largest databases of student learning data, Renaissance Learning has created a subsidiary, ‘Learnalytics’ which aims to provide greater insight into what students know, what they like, and how they learn, which would empower educators to deliver targeted and timely instruction and drive effective practices.

Renaissance Learning has also recently entered into a collaboration with Google through Renaissance’s Analytics can help drive Google Play’s instructional materials, which is in tune to its current strategy. The company, having already achieved the critical mass, hopes to rapidly expand its business into English and Spanish speaking international markets and at the same time achieve its most important goal, to facilitate accelerated student learning.

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