Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SoftBank Constantly ReThinks and Invents New Ideas

As read in the Southwest case, taking a risk and setting oneself apart from the pack can have great reward in the business world. Southwest is always looking forward and thinking how it can stay one step ahead. It’s strategy is constantly being revalued and rethought to expand the business.

SoftBank, a mobile communications business and software wholesaler, began similarly to Southwest. The company started slowly, then began buying up more and more companies.  A company strategy for employees is to always be thinking up new ideas and new inventions during the day.

 “A company’s value is determined by challenge and evolution. A company that only defends whatever it has achieved will not grow bigger and stronger; it will only sink below an evolving world above (Harner).” The CEO has always advocated a new way of thinking: he suggests spending five minutes a day thinking up a new invention the world has never seen before. This is a business practice he has instilled within the employees at SoftBank. As unconventional as it sounds, this strategy helps the company produce several new ideas and technologies each year.

According the SoftBank’s annual report, “the world of content and services is characterized by short lifecycles, and only a tiny fraction of businesses succeed in it (ANNUAL REPORT). Thus, SoftBank always needs to be flexible and willing to adapt to industry trends and consumer wants. Especially in the internet realm, SoftBank must always be on its game.

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