Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How Dettol protects India!

The companies of the 20th century that have been surviving and dominating in the markets for decades, are interesting to look at. Dettol is one such brand that has been dominating for more than 80 years in India.

About Dettol 
Dettol is a product of Reckitt Benckiser. It is an antiseptic to clean wounds and cuts. The product has found an irreplaceable place in safety and emergency kits.Over years, the company has expanded to a number of product categories like toilet soaps, liquid hand-wash, liquid body-wash, shaving cream and plaster strips.

What is special about Dettol over other products
Whenever a Dettol bottle is opened, it gives out an unique smell which is recognized as the smell of cure. The moment you apply Dettol on a wound, you get a tingling sensation. People now consider that sensation is due to the treatment. Even though Savlon a competitor product, is safer, people prefer Dettol as Savlon does not produce any sensation on applying. This is a threat for new Entrants as customers have no complaints over the product and it is deeply connected to the emotions of people. Also, there is no value-add for a customer to move from Dettol to any other company's products.

The market

Dettol has positioned itself in the market of antiseptics. The brand is now a symbol for fighting germs. The tagline of Dettol is 'Be 100% sure'. The brand continues to dominate with 85% market share in the antiseptic liquids category. The products are distributed over 160,000 outlets present in India. With strong network of suppliers, it becomes difficult for a new company to enter the market and establish the channels for distribution.

Dettol created a market for itself when people were unaware of germ protection. The company has taught us how to educate customers, reach them and connect deeply to their hearts. With such levels of trust among its customers, no wonder it is ranked as one of the trusted brands of India[1], consistently. Having achieved market saturation in India, where should the company be the focusing from now, for its growth?

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