Thursday, November 28, 2013

Whats Next for Blackberry....?

It is no new news the Research in motion/Blackberry has had a difficult couple of years. From a failed attempt to make a comeback into the smart phone industry to failed acquisitions from other firms. Recently, blackberry announced the appointment of a new interim CEO John Chen. Before his appointment, after a $1 billion invest Blackberry announced they were going to continue to exist as a private company and do it alone. This statement has led people and many analyst to ask what is next for Blackberry ? What would be their strategic direction?

A focus on APPS
The Lack of a vast store of apps is the biggest challenge to blackberry both on the consumer and the enterprise side. Blackberry enterprise customers have a specific anchor apps. many of these anchor apps are not available on the latest set of blackberry devices and on the blackberry 10 operating system. Many believe that an ideal strategy would be for Blackberry to accept defeat in the general consumer market and concerntrate on the enterprise customers by developing these specific anchor apps that are pertinent to their respective businesses. For example many enterprise customers use SAP, there are SAP apps on iPhone but none on the blackberry platform. Blackberry should focus more effort on developing platform apps for their enterprise customers.

Become a Platform Company 
Presently, the Smartphone device industry is probably one of the most competitive industries in technology. While back in 2007, Blackberry was an industry leader with more than 47% of market share, today Blackberry is all but out of the two horse race between Apple and Samsung. Blackberry currently has less than 7% market share of the overall smart phone industry.Although, Blackberry has been known to make good devices the real value may be in the software the runs the device and the ecosystem that supports the device.Blackberry already has the infrastructure that would allow it support enterprise mobile management. Blackberry can also take advantage of QNX as the Internet Of Things operating system and NOC to manage the Internet Of Things.
Honestly, although Blackberry is weakened, and all but dead. Their decision to continue to exist as a private company and go it alone may be a big advantage as they have the ability to now invest in more longterm projects whose returns may be higher in the the future and unlike a public company do not have to focus on making short term earns as the main priority.

What other focus strategies can Blackberry approach to get back to being a competitive company?


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