Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Evaluating Industry Dynamics

The Global Innovation 1000 : Navigating the Digital Future

In this case, the article discusses R & D spending, and moreover, the tools transforming innovation.  Evidently, digital tools are influencing every stage of the innovation life cycle from analyzing customer insights to tracking products success when launched.

Executives at over 350 say they spent 8.1 percent of R&D budgets on digital tools.  This factoid, though interesting doesn't give sufficient information to determine these 350 firms were either significant or magnitude of the firm.  In any event, the Strategy & Business study found that 77 percent of those firms that significantly used digital enablers outperformed those only used digital tools only sparingly.  This, of course, begs the question how were the digital enablers used, and moreover, were the digital enablers the same in each case  Generally speaking, the article is filled with insights that substantiate that digital tools will have an impact, though I admonish to pursue the article looking to strengthen it with more facts, and details.  For this very reason, I assert the article is an interesting probe, though requires the assiduous effort of a book.

At any rate, technology innovation will have many impacts in industry, and moreover, throughout society.  A Bain Insights article titled, "Prepping for the next Big Thing.  The following are some interesting charts that outline some critical breakthroughs that could very influence industry dynamics.  


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