Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Looking In the Mirror—Internal Organizational Analysis

In BCG Perspectives, I read an article titled, "Shaping to Win" that discussed shaping the environment for products.    To substantiate this position the article cites Sir Hiram Maxim, who, like Thomas Edison had created the first viable light bulb.  Though, in the end,Thomas Edison became the inventor credited with the invention by shaping the environment to commercialize the invention.  He won as a result of a successful public relations campaign that won hearts, and minds.  Moreover, the article continues to cite examples such as Novo Nordisk, Facebook, and Southwest Airlines.

The article even goes further to posit that emerging markets, dynamic industries, and mature industries are ripe for shaping strategies.  In the case of mature industries, dissatisfied customers seek alternative options.  As for emerging markets, have high growth rates, are unpredictable, and are very malleable.  Dynamic industries, moreover, have low barriers to entry, and high growth rate.

This article, of course, complements one particular article on this weeks syllabus, "Does Your Organization Have the Capabilities to Execute Its Strategy?".

BCG Perspectives

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