Thursday, June 27, 2013


Thinking about businesses and if they are fully following their strategy plans I thought  about an company that you don’t hear much in the news but has received recognition and awards from Fortune Best Place to work countless times similar to Edward Jones mentioned in the article “Can You Say What Your Strategy is?”

SAS has a core mission, values, and goals. This is true because they have been leaders in their industry for several years. SAS Institute follows an objective, scope, and advantage which the article discusses.
SAS doesn’t vary in their strategy and stays rooted in their strengths.  They are still private and one of the largest private software companies in the country.  They continue to do the things set them apart from other companies. One of the major reasons I believe SAS to have an effective strategy is because they value their employees.

I believe every employee in the company would say the same thing about SAS. I believe the employees at SAS feel as if they have a stake in the company which makes them more motivated, productive, and creative.

Most people want to feel good about what they do. People need purpose, passion and belief that what they are doing is making some kind of difference in the world. SAS institute appears as if James Goodnight created a wonderful work environment for his employees. Goodnight stated “that if you take care of your people, they will take care of the company.” I believe this to be a true fact.  SAS values their employees by providing a daycare, schools, medical facility and good employee benefits.

I appreciate the thought and concern that Goodnight has for his company, however it could have negative results such as people feeling if they don’t use the employee benefits they may come off as if they are not team players.

It’s my belief that people will do things because they feel like a company or organization cares and values them as person. Most people want to feel appreciated and recognized for the hard work they put into a job. Even, if you have the best strategic plan; if you don’t have the right people to fit into your work culture and to implement your strategic plan your plan will fail.

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