Friday, June 28, 2013

Microsoft's move away from standardization

WINDOWS 8 - Start(led)

Microsoft has been a truly multinational company and has been focusing on the desktop markets earlier (which might be already dead, or who knows, it might still be alive)  and now they are are focusing on the laptop markets and the mobile Operating system market.

We have been used to the look of Windows ever since we've first started using Windows where the start button is on the left hand corner, Microsoft had standardized the look in such a way that every of their releases from then on had the Start button in the left corner. So, even if there was a completely different language which we were using Windows in, we would be accustomed to the usual look and feel everywhere and it would just be fine. This was a look and feel that Microsoft consciously decided to standardize and their actual development process actually revolved around this strategy.

Now, with the release of Windows 8, they have completely made haphazard the strategy of standardization around look and feel around the Start button. As a new user of Windows 8, it looks way different from their original product where the look and feel focused mostly on the Start button and now, weirdly, there is no Start button. I would say it has just startled me to look at a company as established as Microsoft going in this route where they actually decided to move away from the very strategy they've had right from their beginnings. It might have been a move to truly unify the mobile OS, desktop OS and laptop OS and might have been a brilliant strategy if it had not done what it has done now

Bowing to pressure from the users, it has actually brought back the Start button in it's latest update. I'm sure there were thousands of brainy minds were behind both the decisions, but what Microsoft has done with it's latest update of Windows 8.1 is undermine itself and its strategy.

In the gaming industry, the launch of both PS4 and latest XBox was announced during E3 2013. Microsoft announced that it would not allow game sharing and that it would allow people to play only when they are connected to the Internet. PS4 came out with all guns and gave this simple video

This was Sony's nail in the coffin ad for Microsoft in the gaming industry. I would say that Microsoft had dug it's own grave but now again, they have actually gone back on their decision that they would allow only connected people to play.
Now, they say "Everyone can play"

Is Microsoft consciously creating strategies and then debunking them to get more publicity? Or is it just a mistake from the strategic teams in Microsoft? YOU DECIDE!

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