Thursday, June 20, 2013

James vs. Jordan

If you follow sports you already know that today we will find out who will win the National Basketball Association Finals. In Honor of the NBA finals lets discuss the NBA as a business and their strategic plan. The NBA receives revenue from endorsements, fans attending games, and memorable. However, the NBA has struggled with TV ratings since the Jordan era.
The NBA went through a lockout right after the 1998 season which caused a shortened 1998 - 1999 season, and many people are not fans of the commissioner David Stern. Most people stopped watching post Michael Jordan, when sports left NBC and moved to ABC, and the competition of other entertaining TV shows such as American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, etc.

Personally, I stopped watching the NBA when Michael Jordan stopped playing for the Chicago Bulls. So I can empathize with fans waiting for the next chosen one to rise.  

However, it is steadily rising. Why?  
If you were watching on Tuesday the San Antonia and Miami Heat finals game 6 and you stopped watching at the beginning of the fourth quarter you would have probably thought the Spurs won. But no the Miami Heat won in overtime. Not to take anything away from the players sacrificing their bodies and showing passion and heart. Many people believe that the NBA is rigged and I agree.  So we remember when ratings where great and the NBA was making more money because Michael Jordan won over many fans all over the world. So let’s use that same approach. If you use the "Stress Test Your Strategy: Seven Questions to Ask," the first question who is your primary customer?  Could the NBA be looking at trends of their fans that we want to watch excitement and magic happen on the court like Jordan showed us.  

I will publicly say I’m a fan of Lebron James and I think he has lots of talent. I believe he is the commissioner’s new cash cow or golden boy and if Lebron is marketed correctly the NBA will be back at top with ratings compared to the Jordan era.’s think about why it didn’t make strategic sense for the San Antonio Spurs to win on Tuesday: Why would they win in Miami, most of the Spur's players should be retiring soon, and building a dynasty with Lebron James taking the ranks of the new Jordan. It all makes sense to me. But my question to you all is.....
Will you be watching the NBA FINALS tonight ? 


  1. Renee,

    Love the comments about the next "Great Person," for the NBA. Like you, I've not followed or watch much basketball since "Air Jordan's" departure. For the most part, I've grown up watching NBA since the days of the Dr. J and Larry Bird. Those were good b-ball days.

    How you have compared basketball to the strategy is an excellent cross of how one leadership of the past can have a major impact in the chosen leader's the NBS has running shop. Again, because I've not been a fan of the game since "Air Jordan," it may not be in my best interest to say much, but World Wide Sports (ABC) has not helped the game I've once enjoyed and loved.

    Enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Thanks Edward... Not sure if you watched but after the game Samsung had a commercial for Lebron...

    Check it out.. Here it goes:

    Absolutely, about the leadership changing..I don't think I zoned in on that enough but excellent point...


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