Thursday, June 27, 2013

Implementing Strategies and Developing Ideas

For this week the main topic is "Taking Strategy From Development to Implementation". Just as mentioned in the title, only has great strategy on paper can't not assure the success of the company. As showed on the research paper many company employees or even their senior managers can't illustrate their strategies clearly so we could know it is not easy to implement strategies. 

Before I'm reading the article from MIT sloan "Should we develop strategy like building software", I have already come up with the idea of implementing strategy is similar with making your products from your idea. For this topic, I would like to bring a quote from Steve Jobs, who is pretty good at this topic:

"There is a huge gap between great idea and great products. When you are implementing your ideas, things could change a lot. Because when you thinker deeper, you would find new stuff. You have to make trade-offs, concessions and adjustments. There are alway situations that electronics can't solve, or plastics & glass can't make, or robots and factory can't manufacture. When designing a product, you have to put thousands of questions in your head, think logically and try many combinations, then you might find your ideal results. Everyday you would come up with new questions and new inspirations. This process is very important, no matter how great ideas you have at first."

Then how to make the product from your initial idea? Because I'm working on a project now so can share some tips here (stealth mode now):

1 Use case
The first level top down could be the use cases. So I would use cases to explain the main steps of idea, just like telling a story. The use cases should be complete, high level but flexible. The use cases are not once and for all work so should be similar with the code that to be flexible.

2 Product backlog - burn down chart to map all the functions to be implemented
Use the idea of the scrum's burn down backlog to control the progression of the whole project which will give a very good high level control.

3 Frontend - UI & UX
For consumer internet product, the UI & UX is very important. So I would go to ensure every details of the appearance including color of each button, how the information would be shown etc.

4 Backend - smooth transition and support
Backend is the invisible backbone. Because we haven't met really large number of visitors, (which I hope so ;-)) but we would focus on the structure at the very first to provide future scalability.

5 Iteration of the previous 4

On the strategy execution. Every great strategy must be executed by complex combination of activities. I hope the dedication, execution and communication to the detail will help us fully address our idea.

The questions i'm thinking of now is what would be the difference of executing strategies and developing ideas?

1 [HBR] Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?
2 [HBR] Simple Rules for a Complex World
3 MIT sloan "Should we develop strategy like building software"

4 Steve Jobs, the lost interview

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