Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Global Trends to Corporate Strategy: Public Sector Included as well

As I read the article named above, I came across the picture that really encapsulates the message of the article.  All of these words are mixed together to bring us into the new age of global strategy.  In my mind the public sector should not be viewed any differently.  It also relies on many industries, and how the interactions, emerging technologies, and the ability of the executives to predict and adapt will come down to the bench mark of success. 

One specific reflection of my time in public sector was not even the project itself, but the debate internally on whether to go to a web based permitting system.  It was roughly 2007, and the conversation was way passed it's time.  Our organization had already been through the process before, and not been able to pull the trigger.  We did not have the "Coach" and the "Champion" as part of the process.  What I am really alluding to there was not someone willing to shepherd the project, and there wasn't anyone willing to push it that point. 

The over reaching principal comes down to leadership of the executive to be able to predict what is going t happen.  As someone that was a customer of the product we eventually chose to go with, we should have seen that coming.  What this article lays out is how to move adaptively through change, and move the organization forward.  If the organization was a municipal government within Allegheny County, all of these words that are depicted above intertwine to the central theme.  The central theme is of course we must work harder and smarter as municipal governments to predict change.  Three words that stand out to help governments move more efficiently are: projects, contracts, and coalition.

A government can adapt to change in technology if it goes in with that mindset on projects.  my perfect example would be keeping up-to-date on software.  If left unattended to can cost a massive amounts of money.  Moreover, it is a good way to make the projects that government is working on easier.  The message here government is think cutting edge, and long term investment to save tax-payer dollars.

A government can adapt in ways of its contracts.  Simple, more flexible contracts, that appeal the contractor getting his work done in a timely manor is in the best interest of the tax payer.  It isn't something that is rocket science, but rather best management practices.  Paying the contractors on time, letting the contractor purchase their own equipment, are only a few examples to be adaptive to the global economy. 

A government can adapt by building coalitions.  The first two points truly build on the coalition aspect.  A government can see the potential for the rising cost of gasoline, or cement.  The word consolidation is the ultimate goal for a place like Allegheny County, but it must start with working together, and sharing duplicated, and sometimes triplicated costs.  If you do not have a team in the same region focused on working together, then the first two points are two random words in a collage.    

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