Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We want WI-FI on our Flights & we want it at BLAZING SPEED!

Not that long ago, the internet was only used by the military for their strategic and operational needs. Then it began to be opened up to the public, but we had to use this now archaic methods called "dial-up". There was this annoying sound as the computer connected (dialed) to the internet, and the term speed should even  not be associated with dial-up.

As technology improved, it came with faster internet speeds and gave way to wi-fi, which eliminated the need to be plugged in. The technology advances over the past decade has created for lack of a better term, high-speed internet junkies and spoiled brats. No matter where you, what age, or what time of day it is, as individuals  want to have a fast internet connection to surf the web, stream videos, or skype.

The demand for fast-internet speeds are not at the doorstep of the airline industry. In an industry that is not the most profitable, the introduction of a high-speed internet connection before competitors could lead to a short-lived increase in profitability. There is the potential for airlines to craft a new strategy around the internet, but each airline will have the opportunity to duplicate and replicate their competitors if its not fully integrated into existing strategy. An example of  poor strategic integration is when competing airlines tried to replicate Southwests strategy of offering low-cost travel, but did not fully incorporate into a comprehensive strategy.

If any airline can become the truly first airline to offer high-speed internet thousand of miles in the air anywhere close to the speeds offered on the ground, it would provide an opportunity to attract new customers away from competitors. There is the inherit challenge of the plane traveling at over 500 mph through the air, which is a real barrier to faster internet speed. The article points to the airlines needing to redefine expectations for wi-fi speeds on flights, due to natural limitations.

However, for the cell phone, tablet, laptop wielding times we leave in, slow-internet speed is no longer expected but demanded!


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