Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tactics of Strategic Goals

In this weeks reading "Do you have the  right leaders for your growth strategies?" by Hermann et al at McKinsey they mentioned a key difference in performance by taking on two Strategic Goal types. Of those three Goal Types - portfolio momentum, stealing market share from competitors and growth through acquisition - the diversity of tactics seem to ring some dependency on the leadership skills abound in an organization.

By this I mean, there has to be some insight as to which tactics of strategies have synergies with tactics from different strategic goal groups. That insight falls under the Market Insight category of the executive leadership competencies. Seeing as how entire organizations center their consulting brand around one strategic goal is is probably hard to see how these tactics interrelate with other opportunities. Stealing market share from competitors is still a hot topic for businesses around the country. But it doesn't take a single seminar from some hotshot speaker to convince people of the need for the strategic goal. It might be a few of his key insights on tactics which get shared but leadership ability requires focused research and information gathering at various levels.

When a leader finds that taking market share through acquisitions is a graceful combination of two of the aforementioned Strategic Goals they create an abundance of wealth for the company. But even this core example has issues of concern for the portfolio of the company, concerns like product diversity, human resource abundance etc. These can be overlooked just as easily as the general idea can be misplaced by popularized business theories. I believe a truly insightful leader is one who is cautious and pragmatic about the development of their strategies.

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