Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Samsung Galaxy vs. Iphone

In the continued battle for smartphone supremacy, there are two huge heavyweights that are slugging it out. Samsung golden child is there galaxy product line, while Apple only provides one cell phone the iphone series. Each company has been able to establish a brand identity that has resulted in a strong customer following. Most users select their cell phone as a further extension of their personal identity. I was a Samsung loyalist up until this past year, when I decided to switch to the iphone 5. In the battle for market share, most gains will not be realized from users switching companies, but from untapped markets.

In an attempt to differentiate itself as a real threat and alternative to the iphone, the Samsung Galaxy since its introduction has been packaged differently. Anyone who has ever seen a galaxy phone, first notices how HUGE! their screens are. In comparison to many smart phones on the market, and especially the iphone, the screen on the galaxy is gigantic. In addition, to the size of the screen, the Samsung galaxy has many software applications that at times in my opinion lean on the side of insanity. I may be more bias as I currently have an iphone and have come to enjoy the simplicity of the phone and the fact it does not randomly crash.

However, the strategy Samsung seems to be executing with the Galaxy is to put anything and everything into the phone. What Samsung is trying to overcome is the first mover advantage that Apple had a stranglehold on when it introduced the first iphone. This has allowed apple the ability to leverage access to core group of early loyal customers and has shaped the smart phone industry structure. To combat the strong apple brand, Samsung has decided to do an all out blitz. Some of the many features of the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

1) Air View: "Point to the screen without actually touching the glass to get a pop-up preview of something.
2) Air Gestures: Answer your phone, scroll a Web page, or email message by flapping your hand.
3)Drama Shot: Take photos of a moving subject

Now while seems of these features seems extremely quirky to me, others seems very reasonable and useful. With Samsung being one of the leaders in the smartphone market, they have definitely created a niche customer that appreciates numerous features and capabilities. Additionally, they have also created a easy mode (for old people, according to article), which just displays basic applications such has phone, email, or text. With the introduction of Google Glass and other products it will be interesting to see how Apple and Samsung address new threats to their market share. Whatever ends up happening, it should result in great products for consumers like myself to continue to by.

Like we discussed in class, one day phones may no longer exist and we may communicate through our minds. THAT WOULD BE CRAZY!


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