Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So last week in class we had a short discussion on Google Glass and its entrant into the consumer market as a new intriguing product. I had raised question of concern regarding the price, but like many products of the past, economies of scale will likely bring down the cost.

In its initial offering, Google has taken a page out of the Apple playbook and has been restrictive of the types of applications developers build.

The article points out that Google wants to introduce the technology to the public slowly, to calm fears over privacy. They also wanted to curb the use of advertisements initially, as they keenly point out, "what we find is the more intimate the device, the more intrusive consumers perceive advertising is." Additionally, developers cannot charge people to buy apps or virtual goods or services within them.

The first glasses for $1,5000 were sold to developers who signed up last year. Some of the developers were  disappointed by the limits, but expect for the rules to be loosened as time goes on.

Google Glass is a huge development in technology and I have a few concerns regarding just how intimate the new device is. One of apps developed allowed for people to take photos of people at cocktail parties and tag them with their names and details to discretely pull up the information when you see them again.

I believe Google Glass will be a great device and the potential to have many uses. However, the biggest challenge they will have is the privacy issue. Does an individual who uses Google Glass to maintain the information of another individual, invade their privacy? Do people need to consistent to having their information stored on Google Glass? More importantly, do individuals want their information stored? This is a real test of technology and individual privacy, and where does that intersection cross the line. For the average consumer like myself, I wont know tell the price comes down. Hopefully by then Google Glass will also be able to correct vision, for normal individuals like myself who currently wear glasses we can only hop.e


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