Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'Different' by Youngme Moon at Harvard

To get a grasp on the big picture of corporate world and how it has been developed, taking notes on Blue Ocean strategy can be helpful. It is stimulating and persuasive in regards to how one needs to view market and think in different angle.
My question is how specifically is it relevant to current world (it’s been about 15 years now since the theory came out)?

In terms of ‘making competitor irrelevant,’ I think it is a brilliant idea that not only marketers but also all business people should keep in mind all the time. And I’d like to share information about one book I found interesting, probably one of the rare interesting ones among I’ve read during last couple years, called ‘Different’ by professor Youngme Moon at Harvard that criticizes about how all the brands are becoming the same, and emphasizing that they should do differently.
One example in this book is that all the companies rely on ‘survey’ and drawing ‘positioning map,’ the result for any company gets similar and similar, and now we witness Starbucks selling breakfast menu and McDonald selling coffee. Every company reads consumers’ needs in same way, and they’re becoming the same.

There are great advices and explanations in this book, I felt that this is kind of book makes you realize ‘you think you know, but think again.’

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