Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is Closing Google Reader a strategy to reinvent itself in the market?

Google is known for its innovative ideas and products which aid user convenience. Most of Google products seem to me as a source of information for Google to understand user behaviors and patterns. With all information I feel Google would one day come up with a master product catering to each persons need highly customized. What it is I don’t know but with the waves in technology that Google is making I am keen to find out.  The Reader in that aspect seemed the perfect source for Google, they would be able to gather user preferences and choices and target their ads to the relevant users. But the the product itself hindered the usage of ads such as what the Reader did eg- Users need not visit the site to read the news hence avoiding the ads which was a main source of revenue. So what failed since its inception in 2005 to 2013 July which is the last date for the Reader. It might not have been profitable and the user base was not as big as they expected it to be.  
I don’t know why they are shutting it down and cannot yet comment, but what if they are not shutting it down and this is part of a strategy to introduce a better product. Come July when everyone expects the Reader to close could it be this was all part of a marketing strategy to reinvent the product? During the past few weeks there has been a lot of outcry about the decision to stop the services. Not only the users are enraged but news about the Reader has reach a far a wide audience who might never have heard or used it. Now with this new found popularity introducing a new product might not only get the loyal audience who would feel that Google heard their cries and delivered a solution but also the millions of people who are curious and exposed to the Reader saga. This could fuel more traffic and users and reinvent a product which was dying. This could be the strategy if so, a brilliant one for a dying product. I am curious to know what you think

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