Wednesday, March 27, 2013

GOP Strategy needs a remake

All organizations need strategy, that much is obvious. What type of strategy to pick is an entirely different ball game. For some organizations  they realize they have picked the wrong strategy the hard way. One of these organizations is the Republican Party. 

Justin Fox writes about this process in his article "The GOP needs a new product, not a brand." In his article, Fox highlights the GOP's newest strategy proposal, which articulates concerns from many in the party the Republican Party is unable to reach out to young, women and minority voters. The author argues that the problem with the GOP is not that is faces a branding problem, but a product problem. To the author, this means that the GOP is simply repacking the same policies in different ways. This to him, is the problem, as he argues the GOP's party platforms, and less the GOP's outward appearance, that is causing the GOP to lose elections.

But I disagree with the author. The GOP strategy style, a style used during the Bush era, has finally run its time. Karl Rove invented a strategy that involved fire'ing up voters that were reliable Republican voters. These voters tended to be more conservative than the average voter, but because of demographics, the GOP was able to run candidates to the right of the average voter and secure elections. These conservative principles have taken hold of the party, and have no loosened up quite some time. Karl Rove based the GOP on classical style of of strategy. It focused on the market share of voters it could most easily persuade, and then used all its resources to get these voters.

The problem for the GOP is that demographics have changed, and while the old strategy plan worked, its slowly falling apart. This is because the GOP did not make a strategy that took demographic change into account. The GOP needs a new strategy, a strategy that is more adaptive to demographic change. With a strategy like this, the GOP could rebrand along these demographic changes with out necessarily changing too many aspects of its platform.

Until this happens, I the GOP will only be competitive at a marginal level. Until it changes its strategy from the 2000's, it will never return the power it experienced in the 2000's.

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