Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why wasn't the Nokia Droid born?

Nokia has sold its headquarters in Finland, but will continue to use the premise under a lease. The step was taken to raise cash for the company that has been struggling for a while. Once a leader in the mobile phone industry, Nokia found itself in a difficult position after heavy competition appeared in the smartphone arena.

Being successful is a difficult place to be in. It puts the company in a place where change has a lot of risk to offer. At a time when Apple’s iPhone started to capture the market, Google was quick to launch its open source mobile operating system called Android. Apple’s iOS maintained its place within iPhones and some companies such as HTC took advantage of the Google platform and created a place for themselves in the market.

Nokia, however, never looked at Google’s Android. They delayed their response and later decided to hire a Microsoft executive to lead the company. Not surprisingly, Nokia decided to go with Microsoft’s operating system as opposed to its native operating systems which were not up to the mark.

Samsung, Motorola, HTC and many other companies expanded massively by using Android, which today has captured 60% of the mobile market. Nokia had to collaborate with Microsoft, and launched reportedly amazing Windows phones recently, but clearly they took their time to do so.

Windows mobile is new, with very few applications and users. The network effect will not play in Nokia’s favor any time soon. The company continues to struggle and has yet to launch a product that would lead iPhone and Android phones. Had they chosen to go with Android in the first place, things might have turned out differently for the company.

The questions I would like to leave the readers with are:
- Should Nokia have adopted Android at the earlier stage or is the quality Windows phone better in the longer run?
- Is it too late for Nokia to even consider moving to the Android platform?

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