Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Twin Armour of Strategy and Tactics in Customer Acquistion

Organizations have often time invested so much time and resources in coming up with strategic plans without a plausible road-map of actualization. According to Sun Tzu in his book, the Art of war,
“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
From the medieval times where these terminologies emanated, a perfect example can be drawn from a war situation. Here, the goal of the opposing armies is usually to be victorious in the war. The strategy could be "turn the tables" - a counter attack strategy. finally the tactics can range from baiting the opposition to creating a false illusion.

Most organizations fail in this step because they either sometimes jump into action (tactics) without substantiating a direction or they create a direction (strategy) without tangible steps of actualization(tactics). To succeed, high level strategies ought to be created accompanied and broken down into self contained actualization units. Going ahead with a tactic without routing the tactic into a strategy can be likened to flock without a shepherd because your direction is not motivated by well laid down principles for success but rather it is orchestrated by external forces, like the industry, competition and regulations.

It should be noted that a great strategy does not depend on brilliant tactics for success. If the strategy is good, you can get by with mediocre tactical execution. However, even the best tactics can’t compensate for a lousy strategy.

Tying strategy to tactics enables the organization to measure the impact of the strategy. Ultimately, our strategies should be focused on creating value for the  end customer because all organizations exist to meet or fulfill one human need or the other. Thus, all strategies, tactics and initiatives should stem from a solid foundation of understanding the customer.



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