Monday, December 10, 2012

Smart Device Shipments Broke Records In Q3 2012, Reaching 303.6 Million Devices; Expected To Grow To 362 Million In Holiday Quarter

The image below summarizes the latest report on smart devices shipment. As it shows Samsung and Apple are leading the market with Samsung having 21.8% share. This growth in shipping smart devices has increased every year and it is expected to break the record reaching 362 million shipments in the fourth quarter of 2012. 

Year after year the the growth of shipment of smart devices has increased. Although Samsung has the lead statistically in the market, the methods of measuring such a lead remain questionable. IDC forecasts that smart device shipments will reach to 2.1 billion devices in 2016 with a market value of approximately $800 billion worldwide. It is predicted that the PC market will experience a great decline by that time. Also, the increase in smart devices is an indicator of a decline in the average smart device price in 2016.

Will the smart device market reach its peak by 2016? or will it see more years of growth to come? Will Samsung and Apple take over the market making it between only these two companies? What is the best strategy for PC suppliers and PC software providers to sustain their market share and not become an "old fashion" in technology?

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