Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Instagram Twitter relationship: beginning of the end?

I had written an earlier blog ( about the changing nature of Instagram after being acquired by Facebook. Last week, another act in this strategic drama was played out when Instagram pictures would show up off-focused or just not sharp on Twitter. This is certainly not a bug in the code or an accident but a conscious policy decision of Instagram.

After long being friends, Twitter and Instagram have had rather bitter fallout. Instagram’s contention is that the traffic for such pictures, which reports suggest is much more popular than text tweets, rightly belongs to and not Twitter. This looks like a sound strategic decision as the image website has a substantial user-base to seek traffic directly, than through twitter. Also, with their alliance with Facebook, they have a tremendous latent user base that can be developed outside the US.

Twitter on the other hand, is reported to have been fervently involved in developing its own picture sharing tool so that it can reduce its dependence on Instagram. It will be critical for the micro-blogging site to develop a simple solution really quickly to give its huge subscribers an effective alternative.
With Instagram making these interesting decisions, it will be exciting to see how the social media landscape changes in time to come. Do you think it’s a wise decision for Instagram? Would Twitter be able to develop a technology that’s good enough?


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