Saturday, November 10, 2012

Social Media for Non-Profits

Social media in the last few years has redefined digital media and marketing landscape.  Social media had provided this unique platform to the consumers and organizations where they can connect, share and most importantly the opportunity to the organizations to listen to what their consumers say. According to Pew Internet Project’s research related to social networking, as of February 2012, 66% of online adults use social networking sites, hence every organization is trying to increase its social presence and improve its consumer’s experience.

Non-Profits are utilizing social media platforms to engage in the interactive nature of online social networks and create meaningful relationships with followers. They are using to develop an innovative approach for marketing and fundraising, all within the limited budget available to many non-profit organizations. Facebook reports to have 1.01 billion users in September 2012 and Twitter's 140 million users tweet over 400 million times per day.
This clearly indicates that why non- profits are moving towards social media because they can drive awareness for the any social cause, share their previous success stories and build a relationship with donors and provide them an easy channel to donate for a good cause.  Advantages of social media for non- profits are that it is low cost, less effort, increase visibility and crowd sourcing for various initiatives and incentives.  
Social media is not only being used to connect to donors and members by non-profits but to connect the opportunity seekers and open positions. Recently LinkedIn launched a new tool, Board Connect, to connect non-profits with interested and potential individual who can join their boards. Social media is helping non-profits in the long term by building strong relationships with people. 

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