Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Smart Search, Smart Strategy: Bing

Google has dominated the search engine market so much so that the word “search” is used interchangeably with Google. However Bing, Google’s closest market competitor has seen some marginal growth over the past few months.

According to Pablo Davidov, “Strategy is not about doing things better. It is about doing things differently”. [1] One main area where Bing has tried to utilize this concept is the way it subtly attempts to act as an intelligent intermediary for shopping, travel reservations, health advice, and local information. This strategy in some way ties the searcher to Bing.

As reported in this week’s reading “Dell Strategy Shift”, the PC era is rapidly becoming a bygone era with the trend shifting to tablets and mobile devices. Currently, Google is the default search engine on almost every smartphone and tablet apart from the BlackBerry PlayBook and the recently launched Microsoft Surface both of which has Bing as the default search engine. This coverage obviously hasn’t and wouldn’t suffice in positioning Bing as a search engine of choice due to the limited market size covered by these devices.

How else can Bing cover the wide gap between them and Google? As seen in the previous paragraph, the market space of the devices of choice (what people are searching with) is already dominated by Google. Another strategy would be to answer the question of how people are searching.  A lot of search is emanating from social media sites these days and what better social media site than Facebook can Bing partner with. Currently, Bing is the default search engine of Facebook and it is worthy to note that this has driven the number of searches carried out on Bing.

It is interesting to note that being able to identify great partnership ahead of time and being able to position one’s organization is strategy in itself.

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